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Stolen from a windy storm. ;)

Choose your favorite band and answer all questions only with their lyrics!
Are you male or female?:And the moon gives me permission, and I enter through her eyes...
Describe yourself:I want to run from everything, everything that holds me down.
How do some people feel about you?:Touched. You say that I am too.
How do you feel about yourself?:I don't have anything because I don't have you.
Describe your girlfriend/boyfriend/interest:'Cause when I am with you, there's no reason to pretend that when I am with you, I feel flames again...
Where would you rather be?:You won't find me 'cause I'll be on top a mountain pissing on your grave.
Describe where you live:There's a place not that far from here where people go when their dreams have died.
Describe how you live:Days, how many days do I have until I am set free to a better place...
Describe how you love:Close the door, leave your fears behind. Let me give you what you're giving me.
Describe a past love:And I can't tell where your lust ends and where your love begins...
Share some words of wisdom:They whisper words into my ears, one speaks of truth and one speaks of my fears. My disabilities don't get in my way, I look to the future, and live day to day.

Favorite Band & Lyrics brought to you by BZOINK!

I'm beginning to think that I am a bad luck charm. The shit seems to follow me to anyone I meet or anywhere I go. *Sigh.*
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